Rossendale, a view and an EPC

This morning I received a phone call from a very agitated lady. Her home was sold and contracts about to be exchanged, but the EPC she had had done a couple of years ago had the wrong address on it.

EPC needed in Bacup, Rossendale

She needed the EPC to be able complete the property sale. I advised her to contact her original DEA and ask her to re-issue the EPC with the correct address on. Sadly, with the advent of the new legislation last month, the DEA was no longer in business.

The lady lived in Rossendale, and so I told her I would be with her in twenty minutes and she would have her new EPC in the early afternoon. She told me her property was at the end of an unadopted road. This would be the second property in as many days that I had visited that were on unadopted roads. I wonder how many unadopted roadsĀ there are in the Rossendale valley?

As I drove what seemed link the best part of a mile down the unadopted road, I wondered what would possess someone to live in such an inaccessible location. I understood once I arrived and stepped out of my car. The view was stunning.

EPC, Rossendale

It makes it all worthwhile

The family will miss their remote home, but they will be moving on time. Claire had her EPC before 2pm and has told me that contracts were exchanged successfully.

I hope they’ll be very happy in their new home.

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