What makes your dream home?

We all have a secret desire to own that dream house, the house that is not just £50,000 more than our budget allows, but is possibly a few million pounds or much more than we could ever afford. This is what makes it a dream.

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What does your dream house look like?

Do you and your partner agree on what makes a dream home? We still can’t find universal agreement on what constitutes an ideal home. I can remember undertaking an EPC at a very large detached property with cinema, gym and pool, located close to the sea front.  Even if I could have afforded to, I still wouldn’t have bought it despite the fact that it had over 250 lights !!

The EPC tells you if it is energy efficient

I would look for a house that had been well maintained, was energy efficient, had nice south facing gardens – about half an acre and a super location with commanding views of the surrounding countryside. By which I mean not just a view across open fields.  A stream would be nice, very good for wildlife. Some people might prefer a small lake to indulge in a spot of fishing or several acres of grounds and their own four hole mini golf course.  Age of construction wouldn’t be an issue for me nor would any property have to be filled with the latest technology.

Rossendale or the Lakes?

The dream house would conceivably be located in a specific part of the country. Not everybody falls in love with Rossendale, Cornwall or the Lake District. A city centre penthouse suite might tick all the boxes. What will the neighbours be like?  Perhaps you don’t want any and you much prefer to have massive iron gates to keep the locals away.

What would constitute your dream house?

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