Flood warning – save water

If you are fortunate enough to be living in the North West, and certainly those of us living in Rossendale, Lancashire are, then you will know only too well that this winter has tended to follow the pattern of recent years with lots of rain.  Indeed it can make you feel quite appreciative when you hear about the drought struck regions of the south and south east.

Whilst our friends in the southern half of the country have to adjust to water restrictions and hose pipe bans, it’s life as usual for us up here in Rossendale. Unsurprisingly we have had our daily dose of rain this morning.

Whether we have too much or too little rain we can still take some simple measures to preserve the rain that does fall.

Rossendale, save water

Save your water, save your garden

Rain can be collected in a water butt by simply attaching it to the downpipe of the rain water system.  The water collected can then be used to water the lawn or plants in our gardens.

Some families go to the next stage and harvest the waste water from the sink, shower or bath in a large water tank usually buried into the ground and out of site.

Water meters can in themselves encourage home owners to be more frugal and to realise how much water we actually use every day. Do we turn the tap off whilst we brush our teeth or just let the tap run continuously? Do we overfill the kettle, waste the energy needed to heat the full amount, and then discard what we don’t use?

We all need to save water. What are you doing to conserve it?

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