Insulation, Insulation, Insulation

Can you remember back to 1997 when Tony Blair became Prime Minister? He had Education, Education, Education as his mantra. As the initial changes to the EPBD regulations begin to impact on us all prior to the full implementation of the Green Deal in October our mantra as householders and consumers should be insulation, insulation, insulation.

Making sure our lofts are well insulated is the most single effective way of saving on our energy bills. The return on the cost of purchasing the insulation is very short, indeed most homes could save about £150 a year just by having the loft space insulated. This is especially true here in Rossendale where the weather does tend to be on the cool side.

The current regulations state that the loft space should be insulated to a depth of 300mm or 30cm.  Even if you have 200mm of insulation significant savings can still be made.

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Eco-house? Try insulating with sheep's wool

If you don’t like using Rockwool there are now several other alternatives available. You could be very eco–friendly and use sheep’s wool, or recycled plastic. Kingspan is also a clean and easy product to work with as is aluminium thermal foil. Whilst these products are easy to work with they are more expensive than Rockwool. The savings are still there to be made whichever product you choose to use.  So pop down to your local diy store and see for yourself the full range of insulation products available.

If you want even more energy saving advice than ring us on 01706 600540  for an energy saving appraisal of your home.

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