So you think you’re insured

How many of us buy our house and contents insurance on-line and therefore buy on price?  Most of the time we don’t realise that different companies or even the same company have very different products to offer the customer, all of which can be very confusing.  This of course doesn’t matter if you don’t have to make a claim, in which case cheapest is best.

Prior to making a claim you may think that everything is automatically covered if you buy insurance. However, before you get the insurance company’s agreement to provide cover for your house and contents, they will ask you if your house well maintained and in a good state of repair? You will of course say “yes”, without even thinking about it.

Once we get into autumn and winter we may regret not having actually checked the overall state of repair. When did we last check the roof: have any slates or tiles slipped, do some slates/tiles need replacing? What condition are the ridge tiles in, is the mortar still in place or has it cracked and broken or just not there at all? Any of these issues could result in a potential storm damage claim being turned down due to wear and tear.

Then of course there is the chimney stack, is it upright or has it become twisted or distorted in some way? Is the pointing to the stack in good

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"Weedy" chimneys indicate wear and tear

condition or is some pointing missing? Is the chimney pot well secured in a bed of mortar or has that cracked, is the chimney pot cracked? Is the television aerial well secured?

What about the guttering?  Is it well secured to the fascia boards, does it leak at the joints? If it does leak, the brickwork will be getting very wet and you could well have a damp problem in a bedroom.

It’s a good idea to carry out a regular walk round your property and list all the defects, then construct a maintenance plan to get the repairs carried out. Your insurance does not cover on-going repairs.

You can read the follow-on blog here.

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