Remove some of the stress of renting a property

The number of  lettings is still on the increase.  This surge in demand for rental homes has been caused by the instability in the housing market and the difficulty for many of securing a mortgage.

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Rent a property

With many people becoming landlords for the first time lettings agencies are busy matching the needs of the prospective tenants to the new landlords.

New landlords are often unaware of current legislation and need quite a bit of hand holding from their letting agent.  They place their trust in their agent and rely on them to keep them on the right side of the law and to  give best advice.

Undoubtedly by the end of the tenancy, there will be evidence that the property has been lived in.  Some wear and tear has to be expected.  But the landlord has a right to expect that the tenants will take due care of their property.

If the landlord believes that the property has been neglected in some way they can apply to retain the deposit.  However they must be able to prove that there is good reason to do so – and that means a thorough inventory  detailing the property, its contents and the condition at the start of the tenancy and a comparative check out report at the end highlighting the differences in condition.

Without strong evidence the adjudicators will find in favour of the tenant.

It is therefore essential for the landlord to have a professional, independent inventory backed up by visual evidence – the before and after photographs.


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