Use the EPC to save you money

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) was introduced by the government in 2007 to help make your home more energy efficient and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.  It is now a legal requirement to provide an EPC when selling or renting a property.

Making your property more energy efficient

The EPC will factually state how you can make your property more energy efficient by implementing the recommendations.  These are divided into low cost improvements, medium cost improvements and high cost improvements, such as adding solar panels.

Saving money the easy way

You can of course, in conjunction with these measures, make some small changes to your way of life which can have quite an impact on your energy bills.  I am a huge fan of energy monitors – the little gizmos that tell you exactly how much energy you are currently using.  My family have now got into the habit of checking the monitor regularly and when consumption is higher than our average, looking for the offending appliance to switch off.

As a family we have found the biggest offenders are :

  • Putting the kettle on for a cup of tea but not actually making the tea immediately and having to re-boil the water.  Kettles use a massive about of energy so only ever put enough water in for your immediate need and use it straight away.
  • PCs.  Switching on the computers and monitors and then going off to do something else but leaving everything switched on.  At the very least, we now switch the monitor off before walking away.
  • The television.  Many homes now have several TVs, some with satellite or freeview boxes and game stations.  Everything used to get left on standby but most are now turned off when not in use.
  • Leaving lights on.  Although the majority of our light bulbs are low energy, with several lights in each room and the lights left on in rooms that no-one was in, we were wasting energy and money.

All our homes are different but by reducing the amount of energy we are currently wasting we can help save the planet and save ourselves money at the same time.

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