Property surveys in Rossendale

Whilst carrying out property surveys this week I met some super people who were full of hope and anticipation, looking forward to moving into their dream home but first they had to sell theirs. So they were understandably anxious about the outcomes of the survey.

A good survey can convert a tentative offer to a successful sale not just for the property vendor but also for every other family in the house buying chain who have a vested interest in the survey outcomes.

Property defects are highlighted by survey

The surveyor therefore needs to draw on all his skill and professionalism to do what is right on behalf of his client. There is therefore an expectation that in carrying out the house survey all the defects will be noted along with all the positives about the structure of a property.  Quite often the defects are like pieces of a jigsaw that collectively provide evidence that can be analysed and ultimately pinpoint a structural weakness.

Whilst carrying out surveys this week I started to wonder. Why is it that home owners don’t carry out basic repairs to their homes?

Poor seal found on bath during survey in Rossendale

Poor seal found on bath during survey in Rossendale

If you don’t check the oil in your car regularly then the engine could seize. Cost of the oil £10, cost of a new engine £2000. So we make sure the oil is kept at the right level. Cost of maintaining the seal round the bath £2 a year on average. Yet failure to do this can cause damp and result in a new floor in the bathroom and new floor covering. To do the work you need to take the bath out; invariably tiles will get damaged and the walls need plastering and re-tiling. Water may have gone through to the kitchen ceiling below, another new ceiling and redecoration cost, several thousand pounds.

So when you come to sell your house welcome the surveyor with confidence, knowing full well that you maintained your house and the joy of a sale is just around the corner boosted by the survey which will highlight the positives of your property.

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